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random crime=unorganised crime偶发的犯罪,未经预谋的犯罪

The father believed that his daughter was the victim of a random crime.这名父亲认为自己的女儿是一起突发犯罪的受害者。

aid and abet sb.=help sb.to do sth. illegal帮助或唆使某人去做违法的事情

He was accused of aiding the abetting the offender in the commission of the crime.他被指控犯下了教唆罪。

be convicted of...=be declared guilty of a particular crime犯有某种罪行

He has been convicted of robbery.他犯有抢劫罪。

be tempted into...=be persuaded to do sth. unwise or immoral被引诱去做某事

Those at the bottom of society may be more likely to be tempted into a life of crime as a solution to their problems.那些在社会底层的人们更容易去犯下违法的行为并认为那是解决他们困境的方法。

have proliferated/prəˈlɪfəreɪt/ = have quickly increased in number or amount(某种犯罪或者其他负面的社会现象)大量出现

Online crimes have proliferated in society during the last 5 years. 在最近的五年中,大量网上犯罪开始在社会上出现了。

brutality /bruːˈtæləti/ =extreme violence暴行,残忍的行径

Seeing so much brutality may harden these young people to it.目睹如此多的暴行也许会让这些年轻人对此变得仇视。

online fraud=getting money online by deceiving people网络诈骗

It can be very expensive to be unaware of(没有意识到)the most common online fraud activities.如果对那些最常见的网络诈骗行为缺乏防患意识,那么所付出的代价或许将非常昂贵。

white-collar crime=crime committed by people who work in offices白领犯罪

White-collar crimes are not victimless.They can destroy companies or cost investors millions of dollars.白领犯罪并不是没有受害者的。它们可以摊毁一家公司或是损耗掉投资者上百万美元的资产。

harden sb. against society= make sb. hold a grudge against others让某人仇视社会

Jail terms may harden a convict against society as a result of the brutalising treatment he/she receives.服刑期间所忍受的粗暴对待可能会让罪犯更加仇视社会。

domestic violence家庭暴力 =violence that takes place in the home between family members

Domestic violence is violence that happens between family members in home.家庭暴力是指在家庭成员间爆发的暴力事件。

vandalism=the act of deliberately damaging or destroying things,especially public property故意毁坏公共财产的行为

Vandalism is a major problem in this school故意毁坏公共财产的行为是这所学校里的一个大问题。

property crime= theft,shoplifting or burglary涉及财物的犯罪

This part of town has been plagued with(被困扰)property crimes for


a scam= a dishonest way to get money骗局

Retired people are often the victims of marketing scams.退休老人常常成为推销骗局的受害者。


law-abiding citizens=people who respect and obey the law遵纪守法的公民

The judicial system is set up to benefit law-abiding citizens.法律系统是为了保障守法公民的权益而设立的。

career criminal=a person who makes a living from crime职业罪犯

The career criminal was convicted of four charges.这名职业罪犯面临着四项指控。

convict=a person who has been declared guilty of a crime and sent to prison囚犯

Prison life may bring some convicts the constant threat of violence.监狱生活可能对一些犯人来说意味着长期的暴力威胁。

repeat offender=a person who repeats an offence屡犯者

The repeat offender was sentenced to a harsher punishment for his

second crime.这名惯犯在他第二次犯下罪行后受到了更加严厉的惩罚。

pickpocket=a person who steals things from people's pockets扒手

I had my wallet stolen by a pickpocket this morning.我今天早上钱包被扒手偷掉了

fall victim to sth.=to be hurt or damaged because of sth.成为某事物的受害者

Ethan fell victim to a very rare disease.伊森成为了一种罕见疾病的受害者。

be hopelessly addicted to... =cannot stop eating or doing sth.对......彻底上瘾

The kid has become hopelessly addicted to horror films(恐怖片).这名小孩开始无可救药地迷上了恐怖片。

be preoccupied with...=thinking about or doing sth. too much过分投入于.....

He's been preoccupied with sports, which has affected his grades.他过分热衷于体育运动了,以至于这影响到了他的学业。


pass new legislation=pass a new law or a set of new laws通过新的立法 

Britain has passed new legislation to regulate research on human


the judicial system= the system connected with the court of law, judges and their decisions司法系统

The UK's judicial system is the basis of the legal system used in most Common wealth countries.大多数的英联邦国家都把英国的司法系统作为国内法律的基准。

be bound by sth.=have an obligation to do sth.because of a law, a rule or a promise受到某事物的约束,受到某事物的制约

Elsewhere, in uncontrolled airspace, pilots are bound by fewer regulations.在其他地方未受控制的领空内,飞行员会更少地受到规定制约。

legal proceedings=the actions taken, usually in court, to settle a legal matter司法程序

Legal proceedings may be initiated for any misuse of such confidential information.对任何对于此类保密信息的错误使用,司法程序将有可能被启动。

be suspicious=make others feel a person cannot be trusted刻意的

If you see anything suspicious, you should report it to a senior employees. 如果你发现任何可疑情况,你应该向上级员工报告。

deter sb. from doing sth. =prevent or discourage sb. from doing sth. against the law让某人不敢去做某种违法的事情

The government is bringing in stricter laws to deter drivers from


crime prevention= the act of preventing crime预防犯罪

Neighbourhood watch groups have been an effective means of crime prevention.成立社区警戒小组是预防犯罪行为的有效方式。

stand trial= be brought to a court of law to have one's case examined and judged受审

The team will stand trial for illegal border-crossing.这个小队将就非法越境受审。

be charged with...=be accused of...被指控犯有某种罪行

He was charged with using the company's money for his own purposes.他被指控挪用公款。


disciplinary action =action intended to punish people who do not obey rules对违反规定的员工或学生进行的惩戒措施

If you take things belonging to the company without permission(未经许可),you will face disciplinary action.如果你未经许可拿走公司财物则将面对惩戒措施。

be brought to justice将某人绳之以法

The people who are guilty of serious offences should be brought to justice.那些犯下恶意伤害罪的人应该被绳之以法。


juvenile delinquency=crimes committed by young people青少年犯罪

Rates of juvenile delinquency are on the rise.青少年的犯罪率正在上升

legal age= the age at which a person is allowed to do a particular thing or is held responsible for an action法定年龄

Bethany could not get a driver's license because she was not of legal age.贝瑟妮由于未到法定年龄还不可以领取驾驶执照。


uphold an ordered society= keep social order and safety维持社会稳定与安全

Some people argue that the death penalty is essential for upholding an ordered society.有人认为死刑对维持社会稳定与安全有着关键的作用。

curb lawless behaviour= stop or control illegal conduct遏制违法行为

The police will aim to curb lawless behaviour without using excessive


crack down on sth.= deal with illegal behaviour in a more severe way严厉查处某事

The police are cracking down on illegal parking. 警方对非法停车行为进行了严厉查处。

stamp out sth. =prevent sth.bad from continuing根除某种负面现象

A variety of measures were taken by the government to stamp out bird flu. 政府为了消除禽流感的负面影响做出了多种努力。

rehabilitate  /ˌriːəˈbɪlɪteɪt/ prisoners= help sb. to live a healthy or useful life again改造囚犯

The prison service should try to rehabilitate prisoners so that they can lead normal lives when they leave prison.这所监狱的服务立志于改造囚犯,以使他们在出狱后能过上正常的生活。

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